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Come and join us at RRG

Natural Beauty Products
Natural Beauty Products

RRG Tester

Would you like to test new products yet to hit the market for leading cosmetic, personal care and fashion brands? You could do this and receive products monthly just for your honest feedback.

Working with highly respected companies- all products are met with the highest safety standards. So sit back and enjoy testing products monthly!



Receive free products and be part of exciting new product development for leading companies worldwide. Products will be delivered to your home de-branded and all you will need to do is fill out a brief survey to share your experience with the RRG Team.


All products provided are entirely safe. We collaborate with reputable companies, assuring you that any product sent to your home meets rigorous safety standards.

Beauty Products
Beauty Blender Sponge


Each survey participation earns you RRG points, allowing you to accumulate rewards. The more points you gather, the greater your rewards. It's as simple and effortless as that


Collect your RRG Points for each market research survey, and once you reach 2000 points, you'll receive a £25 gift voucher. Plus, all survey participants are automatically entered into regular prize draws.

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